At ModernThink we pride ourselves in partnering with clients, not just being another vendor. In light of the many challenges presented by COVID-19, we want to support, however we can, all Great Colleges program participants navigating the unforeseen and unprecedented challenges we now face. As we continue to monitor the impact of this virus on the Great Colleges to Work For program, we’d like to offer the following support to our participants:

1. We will extend the deadlines for completing both the ModernThink Higher Education Insight Survey and ModernThink Institution Questionnaire by one week, with both surveys now closing on April 10th. This new deadline will be communicated to the faculty and staff on your campuses through the remaining survey reminders, which will only go to those who have not yet submitted a survey.

2. We are offering to send additional survey reminders to any Great Colleges participant who would like them. Please email Project Coordinator Christina Worth at to request additional reminders.

3. If you have concerns about your response rate, or how to manage your participation in Great Colleges in the midst of COVID-19, we invite you to contact us to schedule some time with one of our consultants or project managers to answer your questions and provide guidance. Please contact us at to schedule that phone call.

It’s important to remember that all survey administration, data collection, and reporting for the Great Colleges program is online; even as your faculty and staff may be transitioning to remote work, they will have access to the survey. Our hope is that participation in the survey will be minimally impacted; thus far, 2020 response rates largely mirror responses rates from 2019. We will continue to track these daily, and will make additional adjustments to the program as needed.

In the meantime, please feel free to contact ModernThink toll-free anytime at 888-684-4658 or at Thank you for being a part of the 2020 Great Colleges to Work For program, and we look forward to keeping in touch in the weeks to come.

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