Perks are certainly an important part of building an engaging workplace culture—they can be used to recruit good talent and can illustrate the appreciation a business has for its employees. But how much is too much? Kim Heyer asks that question in a recent article on Perks Culture vs. Purposeful Culture and tries to raise awareness to the dangers of a culture based on perks. Instead, a business should create a culture of purpose for its employees.

A purposeful culture centers on a compelling mission and core values, with shared accountability for maintaining the culture and delivering results. A purposeful culture, when combined with a killer business strategy, drives an organization’s performance and can tie directly to positive bottom-line results. A free lunch does not make a culture. – Kim Heyer

As Heyer puts it, free lunches may make people feel appreciated, but if an organization does not clearly share it’s mission and core values to its employees, there will inevitably be a lack of both employee ownership and understanding of purpose that can directly hurt engagement.

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