While colleges are divided on the best way to achieve diversity, one message is clear – the student demographic changes sweeping the nation already have a big impact on higher education nationwide, especially as the number of Hispanic and Asian students increases. As a result, colleges are searching for ways to diversify their faculty to meet the needs of their diversifying student body.

Initiatives for diversity and inclusion are taking different shapes on campus – from having a clear diversity statement that is communicated across the college to developing a robust mentoring programs designed to retain minority and female faculty.

Creative Strategies for Hiring and Retaining Diverse Faculty

Take a look at how other colleges are already taking small measures to build a diverse workforce:

  • Consider the effectiveness of cluster hiring. Bring in two or more diverse faculty members into a single department at the same time, so candidates feel more welcome.
  • Examine existing resources for faculty. What kind of support will new faculty members have as soon as they are hired? Do a comprehensive audit, so you can establish a supportive work environment before a new faculty member arrives.
  • Create mentorship opportunities. Mentoring is a powerful way to engage minority or female professors at the junior level, from the beginning.
  • Be proactive in recruiting new faculty. Seek out opportunities to reach potential diverse candidates while they’re still in high school or college.


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