ModernThink higher education specialists are available to analyze your survey results and present findings and recommendations to leadership groups, HR teams, boards, faculty senates and other constituent groups. As your expert guides, we will help you make the best use of your survey feedback and bring fresh eyes, organizational development expertise and years of benchmarking and best practice data to the conversation.

Why do Great College participants typically consider ModernThink consulting and analysis services?

  • A new senior leadership team wants to fully understand the current dynamics of the culture.
  • The data is not as positive as you had hoped it would be and you want an unbiased presentation of the results.
  • Results are positive but you want to do even better—maybe even make the Honor Roll.
  • Your team could benefit from understanding how peer institutions are managing similar challenges.
  • You have taken the first step in collecting actionable data but are unsure what to do next.
For questions about these or other options, please contact Suzi Schmittlein 302.764.4477 X 114. You can also download our Reports and Services Guide for a shareable brochure of all our offerings.  *Discounted prices effective through September 8, 2023.

Phone Consultation

Partner with a workplace expert via a 60-minute call to review and analyze your survey results. In this conversation, we will summarize and synthesize your particular strengths and opportunities (SWOT format) and make recommendations for next steps. Senior leadership teams and survey committees often find our phone consultations helpful, but they can also be a great opportunity for a CHRO, Director of Institutional Effectiveness or President/Provost to be able to connect one-on-one with one of our survey experts. Data from previous years of participation will be reviewed as part of this analysis. This call includes a Job Category ScoreCard.

Price: $975
Discounted Price: $926

Webinar Presentation

In this virtual presentation (up to two hours), ModernThink summarizes key findings in your institution’s survey results. Our analysis will include all aspects of the survey as well as your Institution Questionnaire© submission. We will look at how your results compare to key benchmarks as well as your previous years’ data, if applicable. Best practices from peer institutions will be a part of the discussion. This summary PowerPoint will identify institutional strengths, areas for improvement and recommendations. We will partner with you in advance to understand more about the audience and the goals for this presentation.

Price: $3,335
Discounted Price: $3,168

Onsite Presentation (Half-Day)

Sometimes being face-to-face makes all the difference in understanding, aligning and communicating your survey results. A ModernThink Senior Consultant will come to your institution for a half-day or full-day of meetings dedicated to an interactive presentation of the survey findings with key stakeholder groups. Prior to coming onsite, your consultant will partner closely with you to plan the presentations and collaborate on the audiences for these sessions. In preparation for the onsite, ModernThink will review your results past and present, analyze and interpret themes and patterns, compare your results to peer institutions and bring real-world best practices we’re seeing across the country. Recommendations will be made to focus both on how best to roll out the survey results across campus and start (or continue) plans for acting on the data. This service includes a summary PowerPoint and permission to record any of the presentation sessions to share with the campus community.

Price: $4,870 (Half-Day)
Discounted Price: $4,626 plus expenses

This service is also available as a full-day onsite for an additional fee.


Please call us for customized pricing. All services are available virtually or in-person.

Comment Analysis Report

Some institutions prefer to have a third-party analyze the verbatim responses to the two open-ended questions on the survey and provide a report that lends itself to being shared campus-wide. This service can be bundled into any of the consulting options above for an additional fee based on the number of comments and timeline.

Open Forums/Town Hall Meetings

Town Hall meetings open to all faculty and staff and/or individual constituent groups allow a transparent forum to present the survey results as well as an opportunity for them to offer their insights into the findings. ModernThink can be a helpful partner in this initiative. If in-person, this is normally a full-day commitment to provide opportunities throughout the day to meet everyone’s calendar. We include a PowerPoint of survey results that can be used as part of the co-facilitation of the meetings.

Focus Groups

Our consultants are skilled in the art of focus group facilitation and creating an environment that fosters straightforward and open dialogue to drill down further into specific aspects of the data. They take measures to protect anonymity and to create a safe environment where participants will feel comfortable sharing their candid feedback.

Train the Trainer for HR Business Partners

The goal of the Train the Trainer sessions is to prepare internal HR business partners to be most effective in their efforts to support the leaders of the institution in their use of the survey results to drive organizational change and improve performance. Typically, the session(s) are structured around three (3) to five (5) topical areas depending on the experience of the client team members. The sessions include a deep dive of the ModernThink survey instrument and interpreting the survey data as well as best practices in sharing/socializing survey data and action. The sessions can be virtual or in person.

New President Briefing

With many presidents beginning their tenures in late summer, the survey results are an opportunity to learn more about the campus staff and faculty. The mere act of acknowledging this feedback can send a strong message to employees about the President’s commitment to communication. We offer one-on-one briefing of institutional data for these leaders as a step towards understanding the survey results  and then acting on that data as a new leader.

Introducing the ModernThink Exit Survey©

The unique feature of the ModernThink Exit Survey© is the ability to compare exit survey results with results from the ModernThink Higher Education Insight Survey©, the nationally normed and recognized instrument behind the Great Colleges To Work For program. This provides an invaluable gap analysis between those who leave and those who stay and can help you focus resources most appropriately when working to attract and retain top talent. Please contact us for more information!