2022 Workplace Recognition

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How Our Survey is Conducted

The 2022 Great Colleges to Work For survey is based on responses from almost 49,000 faculty and staff at 212 institutions: 130 four-year colleges and universities and 82 two-year colleges. All accredited institutions in the United States with an enrollment of at least 500 were invited to participate, at no cost to them.

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Building the New

The passage of time has been especially challenging for me to mark over the last two and half years. On the one hand, the start of the pandemic in March 2020 seems like it was just yesterday, and on the other hand, it feels like a lifetime ago. The Covid-19 pandemic, the increasingly polarized and hostile nature of our political discourse and our continued inability to find common ground – whether it be on issues of shared identity and history, or respect of different belief systems – have many across the country feeling isolated, disillusioned, and overwhelmed.

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