2023 Workplace Recognition

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2023 Program Background

The Great Colleges to Work For® program was designed to recognize colleges that have been successful in creating great workplaces and to further research and understand the factors, dynamics and influences that have the most impact on organizational culture in higher education. 

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Investing in Your Greatest Resource: Your People

Every year since 2008, we’ve surveyed hundreds of colleges and universities across the country trying to identify those institutions that are both intentional and successful in their efforts to be not just great institutions of higher learning – but also great workplaces for their employees.

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Profile of New Hires

In the past three years, we at Great Colleges have seen the number of respondents who reported working at their institutions for less than one year grow — from representing 5% of our total respondents to 9% of our total respondents. Comparatively, respondents with more than 25 years at their institutions steadily comprised about 5% of total respondents over that same time period. It is well documented that workers across industries, including (and perhaps, more frequently) within higher education, have been leaving their old jobs for new positions, particularly in the last year. Employees are certainly leaving for better pay, increased flexibility, more autonomy, and so forth, but they are also leaving because the economy has afforded them more job opportunities lately. Knowing this, we decided to take a closer look at who is new on campus and how these “freshmen” of sorts are perceiving, and changing, their new employers.

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