Institution Data

Because the program is also designed to help colleges improve as workplaces through the individual reports they receive, ModernThink names only those institutions that did well enough to be recognized in any category. Participating institutions that are not selected for recognition are never identified by name.

Survey Data

At ModernThink, we go to great lengths to ensure the confidentiality of your employees’ survey responses.

  • ModernThink collects and stores all of the data on its secure servers.
  • All survey takers are provided with a confidential, toll-free hotline which they can call anonymously with any questions or concerns.
  • We only report data back to institutions when there are five or more participants in a particular demographic category.
  • Survey takers are reminded before responding to the open-ended questions not to include any self-identifying information.
  • Questions about demographics are strictly voluntary, unless otherwise disclosed to the survey takers.

Please see the Statement of Confidentiality for further details how we protect the confidentiality of your survey data. Prior to publication of the results, all recognized colleges are required to complete and sign a data verification form. The form includes pieces of data submitted by recognized schools and will be used for publication, both online and in print.

Institution Questionnaire©

Data from all IQ submissions will be aggregated, summarized and used in a variety of venues including but not limited to, the special insert, ModernThink research, articles, publications (online and print) and presentations, as well as the ModernThink Higher Education Workplace Trend Report. In addition, some institution-specific information (such as best practices) may be published or otherwise used by ModernThink to cite workplace excellence. Any such information used in a public forum will be favorable in nature and will only reflect positively on your institution. Only institutions already publicly named in the special insert for recognition would be specifically named. If your college is not recognized in the program, the name of your school is never released as having been a participant.

If you have any questions about the Statement of Confidentiality, please contact the Great Colleges team at 888.684.4658.