• Control: Public
  • Carnegie Classification: Master's
  • Institution: 4 Year
  • Enrollment: 3,000-9,999

2019 Recognition Categories

  • Collaborative Governance
  • Facilities, Workspace & Security

What makes your college a great place to work?

Presidential Statement

Eastern is a great place to work because of the cohesive nature of our campus community of faculty and staff. We share values, a vision for our future and a commitment to our students. Since the late 1800s, the faculty and staff on this campus have worked together to create a stable, inclusive work environment, which allows us to provide students with an exemplary education and the professional and life skills they need to succeed. We expect a lot of our students and one another, and we work together to achieve those expectations.

Employee Comment

People communicate openly and there is a sense of respect for the individual. It makes it easier to communicate since all voices are heard.

Vital Statistics


  • Combined Administration and Exempt Staff: 203
  • Fulltime Faculty: 199
  • Fulltime Non-Exempt Staff: 169
  • Adjunct Count: 330

    Average Annual Salary

  • Faculty: $84,118
  • Administration: $135,496
  • Exempt Professional Staff: $71,290
  • Non-exempt Staff: $54,022

    Voluntary Turnover Rate

  • Full-time Faculty: 2
  • Full-time Staff (excluding Faculty): 6
  • 10 Years Recognized
  • 4 Years of Honor Roll

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