• Control: Private
  • Carnegie Classification: Master Colleges and Universities [Master L, M, S]
  • Institution: 4 Year
  • Enrollment: > 10,000

2023 Recognition Categories

  • Job Satisfaction & Support
  • Compensation & Benefits
  • Professional Development
  • Mission & Pride
  • Supervisor/Department Chair Effectiveness
  • Confidence in Senior Leadership
  • Faculty & Staff Well-being
  • Faculty Experience
  • Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging

What makes your college a great place to work?

President's Statement

Bellevue University's culture and mission are what make it a great place to work. Our staff and faculty understand the power of education and they share a passion for students, learning and innovation, and these strong values create a resilient culture which permeates our students' experience and the workplace experience.

Employee Comment

The leadership and the culture of this organization is unlike any other place I have ever worked. Everyone is given so much trust and autonomy and as a result, it seems that a majority of our workforce takes great pride and ownership in their work and produces high quality results. I'm proud to be a part of this organization!

Vital Statistics

    Employee Counts

  • Full-time Administrators: 57
  • Full-time Exempt Professional Staff: 304
  • Full-time Faculty: 105
  • Full-time Non-exempt Staff: 78
  • Adjunct Faculty: 785

    Average Annual Salary

  • Full-time Administrators: $78,878
  • Full-time Faculty: $75,031
  • Full-time Exempt Professional Staff: $59,944
  • Full-time Non-exempt Staff: $45,176

    Voluntary Turnover Rate

  • Full-time Faculty: 1%
  • Full-time Staff: 8%
  • 5 Years Recognized
  • 4 Years Honor Roll

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