• Control: Public
  • Carnegie Classification: Associate Colleges [Community Colleges]
  • Institution: 2 Year
  • Enrollment: 3,000-9,999

2023 Recognition Categories

  • Supervisor/Department Chair Effectiveness
  • Faculty & Staff Well-being
  • Shared Governance

What makes your college a great place to work?

President's Statement

Our employees are personally invested in the outcomes of their work; they believe in what happens here. Our classroom instruction is excellent, but our education goes further because we adapt to needs and work to model service to our students, our community, and to each other. Mostly, though, MCC is special because every day, our employees walk alongside each other in times of joy, sorrow, excitement, and pain. It is a deeply caring community.

Employee Comment

Meridian Community College is a place like no other. The faculty and staff are more like a family than just co-workers. They welcome new employees with open arms and make everyone feel a sense of belonging and importance.

Vital Statistics

    Employee Counts

  • Full-time Administrators: 19
  • Full-time Exempt Professional Staff: 82
  • Full-time Faculty: 117
  • Full-time Non-exempt Staff: 95
  • Adjunct Faculty: 69

    Average Annual Salary

  • Full-time Administrators: Not Submitted
  • Full-time Faculty: $50,057
  • Full-time Exempt Professional Staff: Not Submitted
  • Full-time Non-exempt Staff: Not Submitted

    Voluntary Turnover Rate

  • Full-time Faculty: Not Submitted
  • Full-time Staff: Not Submitted
  • 1 Year Recognized

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