• Control: Private
  • Carnegie Classification: Master Colleges and Universities [Master L, M, S]
  • Institution: 4 Year
  • Enrollment: < 3,000

2023 Recognition Categories

  • Mission & Pride
  • Shared Governance
  • Faculty Experience

What makes your college a great place to work?

President's Statement

As part of a thriving community that celebrates and supports our campus, Morningside University actively contributes to making our region a better place to live and work. Our mission is at the heart of our efforts, and we actively foster a culture of connectedness among students and employees. The passion faculty and staff have for students, teaching, and learning motivates our community to constantly innovate, assess, and achieve excellence on behalf of the Morningside experience.

Employee Comment

I appreciate the people and the sense of community here. The institution makes a conscious effort to connect with the Morningside community. There isn't a place on campus where I've felt like I don't belong.

Vital Statistics

    Employee Counts

  • Full-time Administrators: 34
  • Full-time Exempt Professional Staff: 63
  • Full-time Faculty: 68
  • Full-time Non-exempt Staff: 75
  • Adjunct Faculty: 177

    Average Annual Salary

  • Full-time Administrators: $102,090
  • Full-time Faculty: $68,350
  • Full-time Exempt Professional Staff: $55,500
  • Full-time Non-exempt Staff: $40,280

    Voluntary Turnover Rate

  • Full-time Faculty: 4%
  • Full-time Staff: 12%
  • 1 Year Recognized

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