• Control: Public
  • Carnegie Classification: Special
  • Institution: 4 Year
  • Enrollment: <3000

2022 Recognition Categories

  • Compensation & Benefits
  • Confidence in Senior Leadership
  • Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging
  • Job Satisfaction & Support
  • Mission & Pride
  • Professional Development

What makes your college a great place to work?

Employee Comment

I appreciate that this is an environment that provides the resources and support for me to be successful. WVSOM is an amazing place to work - clear mission and one that truly makes a difference.

President's Statement

As a free standing school of medicine located in rural West Virginia, WVSOM has a unique identity compared to most university medical schools. The school has cultivated a strong culture of community that connects students and employees. Faculty and staff take great pride in living WVSOM's mission of graduating quality osteopathic physicians who serve their communities. It is ALL of the people at WVSOM that makes it a great college to work for!

Vital Statistics


  • Fulltime Admin: 54
  • Fulltime Eps: 123
  • Fulltime Faculty: 48
  • Fulltime Non-Exempt Staff: 73

    Average Annual Salary

  • Faculty: $149,815
  • Administration: $122,875
  • Exempt Professional Staff: $52,210
  • Non-exempt Staff: $35,088

    Voluntary Turnover Rate

  • Full-time Faculty: 6%
  • Full-time Staff: 9%
  • 9 Years Recognized
  • 7 Years of Honor Roll

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