If your institution is recognized in this year’s program and you wish to use the Great Colleges to Work For logo, please follow the procedures below. Upon executing a License Agreement, you will receive two high-resolution versions of the logo. The first version is the same one used by The Chronicle to promote the program. The second version is similar but the word “college” is singular rather than plural. Those schools designated by Honor Roll institutions will also receive a third logo that appends the words “Honor Roll” to the basic logo. The logos can be used on your Web site, in your promotional materials, merchandise, and even in your job ads to increase awareness of this recognition. To discuss branding opportunities in The Chronicle’s Academic Workplace supplement or on The Chronicle’s website, please contact The Chronicle at 202.466.1080 or at display@chronicle.com. Please follow these procedures to obtain the logos:

  1. Download the PDF version of the License Agreement.
  2. Complete the form and have it signed by someone authorized to execute the agreement. You may submit your completed form upon receiving notification that your institution is being recognized in this year’s program.
  3. Submit a PDF of the completed form to logo@chronicle.com. Alternatively, you may fax the completed form to 202.452.1033.
  4. The Chronicle will counter-sign the Agreement and send a PDF of the executed form to your designated contact person.
  5. The Chronicle will send the logos electronically when it releases the results of the survey.
  6. If you want the logo in advance of the release date in order to prepare materials, include the following statement in an e-mail message when you submit the License Agreement: Please send the logos now. My institution agrees to use the logos in advance of the official release date only for the purpose of planning a public relations initiative. We will not release the logos internally or externally before The Chronicle’s release date.
  7. Are you interested in quality, branded Great Colleges To Work For merchandise? Summit Group is pleased to offer your institution thousands of easy, fast, and cost-effective ways to help promote this distinction on campus. Combine your college logo along with the Great Colleges To Work For logo for maximum impact. Mary Zaudtke at Mary.Zaudtke@summitmg.com or call her at 240-491-5228 for creative ideas to extend your brand and message. Check out their website at: theideacatalog.com/summit_dc.

If you need assistance please contact Thom Smith at 202.466.1786 or at logo@chronicle.com.