As part of the free program, ModernThink will survey a random sample of your institution’s faculty and staff across four categories (Administration, Faculty, Exempt Professional Staff and Non-exempt Staff) to participate in our survey.  Sample sizes are determined based on the number of employees in the various categories at your institution (See Methodology for more information).

Many colleges take advantage of this assessment by using it as a springboard for a more comprehensive institution-wide survey. Participants in the program may customize certain components of the faculty/staff survey* or simply broaden the survey audience to include additional faculty or staff not captured as part of the free program. Benefits of surveying more of your campus community include:

• Communicating a message of inclusivity and importance in the voice of all of your employees.
• Reviewing results from your survey through a more comprehensive lens to identify pockets of excellence and opportunity in your community.
• Purchasing any level of oversampling allows you to receive reports at a 15% discount if purchased within this agreement by February 1st

After you register for the program, ModernThink will provide your exact sample audience breakdown. At that point you can decide if you would like to oversample or customize. Costs for oversampling will vary depending on the number of additional employees surveyed.

Costs will vary based on the level of customization and the number of additional faculty and staff surveyed.

If you would like to learn more about oversampling, please contact us at 888.684.4658 ext. 114 or

For more information on  conducting a customized, all-inclusive, institution-wide climate survey inside or outside the Great Colleges program click here.