The ModernThink Higher Education Insight Survey©

The ModernThink Higher Education Insight Survey© is a faculty/staff survey derived in part from the ModernThink Insight Survey©, an assessment tool that has been used in over 55 “Best Place to Work” programs with more than 4,000 organizations. The ModernThink Insight Survey© was developed after a meta-analysis of “best workplaces” and engagement surveys and our ongoing research studying organizations that have been successful in building workplace cultures that enhance performance. The survey instrument measures the extent to which employees are involved and engaged in the organization and ultimately, the quality of the workplace engagement.

  • 60

    Survey Statements on a 5-point agreement scale

    Roll-over for the scale

    Strongly Agree, Agree, Sometimes Agree/Sometimes Disagree, Disagree, Strongly Disagree, with Not Applicable Option.
  • 18

    Benefit Satisfaction questions on a 5-point satisfaction scale

    Roll-over for the scale

    Very Satisfied, Satisfied, Neutral, Dissatisfied, Very Dissatisfied, with Not Applicable Option
  • 2

    Open-ended Questions

    Roll-over for questions

    1. What do you appreciate most about working at this institution?
    2. What would make this institution a better place to work?
  • 15

    Optional Demographic Questions

    Roll-over for options

    Gender, Age, Race, Ethnicity, Relationship Status, Annual Salary, Job Status, Years at Institution, Tenure Status, Supervisory Status, Years in Current Role, Job Category, Job Role, College/School and Department.

There are 15 demographic questions at the end of the survey. While encouraged to provide responses to all 15 questions, respondents have the option of skipping one or more of them.

The survey measures 15 dimensions reflecting managerial and organizational competencies. These dimensions were determined and confirmed through a series of factor analyses and provide the basis for the recognition categories.

The ModernThink Institution Questionnaire© (“IQ”)

The ModernThink Institution Questionnaire© is an audit of policies and management practices. It captures important demographic data as well as details on a wide variety of topics including compensation, benefits, policies, practices, communication techniques, training and development, and much more. This information enables us to examine which benefits and programs are most effective, identify best practices and compile benchmark data based on different categorizations of the program participants.

The information collected through the Institution Questionnaire© is reviewed and analyzed to support both the recognition analysis and our continuing research.