• Control: Private
  • Carnegie Classification: Bac
  • Institution: 4 Year
  • Enrollment: < 3,000

2019 Recognition Categories

  • Collaborative Governance
  • Confidence in Senior Leadership
  • Job Satisfaction
  • Professional/Career Development
  • Respect and Appreciation
  • Supervisor/Department Chair Relationship
  • Teaching Environment (Faculty Only)
  • Tenure Clarity & Process (Faculty Only)

What makes your college a great place to work?

Presidential Statement

Texas Lutheran has a shared sense of identity and mission. Our mission is clear and understood by all: providing quality liberal arts undergraduate education in a residential setting. TLU faculty and staff are not distracted by competing models of adult or graduate education or on-line delivery. As a result, we know that we must provide exceptional support for students' progress towards graduation and successful transition into careers or graduate/professional school. General agreement among faculty and staff about identity, vision and goals creates a solid foundation for building a positive campus culture.

Employee Comment

The culture at TLU truly is unique--the people are welcoming and genuine. As a result, I wake up each day excited to go to work.

Vital Statistics


  • Combined Administration and Exempt Staff: 88
  • Fulltime Faculty: 86
  • Fulltime Non-Exempt Staff: 65
  • Adjunct Count: 45

    Average Annual Salary

  • Faculty: $65,069
  • Administration: $66,729
  • Exempt Professional Staff: $53,686
  • Non-exempt Staff: $30,522

    Voluntary Turnover Rate

  • Full-time Faculty: 5
  • Full-time Staff (excluding Faculty): 13
  • 8 Years Recognized
  • 6 Years of Honor Roll

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