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Leading in Good Times and Bad

The 2020 Great Colleges to Work For program officially launched the faculty/staff survey on March 9th. By the end of that week, colleges across the country announced their plans to send students home for the semester and transition to remote learning options. The situation was unprecedented and for many institutions, largely unanticipated in any of Read More »

The Uniting Impact of Institutional Values

By Rich Boyer, ModernThink Managing Partner   Regardless of where one stands on the political spectrum, there is widespread consensus that the civility and quality of our dialogue has deteriorated in recent years. Whether it be the sheer intensity of the rhetoric, the unwillingness to find common ground, the lack of empathy (and even basic Read More »

Indicators of a Culture of Innovation

By: Richard K. Boyer As a function of our work in higher education, we see many strategic plans.  Most of these plans contain some sort of organizational commitment, initiative, or objective related to creating and supporting a culture of innovation.  At some institutions, this commitment manifests itself in the formation of an “innovation institute.” At Read More »

Diversity-Specific Policies in Higher Education

Diversity continues to be a top focus for colleges and universities as they grow and evolve their institutional agendas and strategic plans. This focus can be brought to life in many ways, both strategically and tactically. For 80% of schools participating in the Great Colleges to Work For® survey, diversity is included in their strategic Read More »

Faculty (Dis)Engagement

It seems as though every college campus has one: that disengaged, disaffected professor who is more interested in pursuing his own research than he is in actually teaching the students who gather there each day. Unfortunately, all too many college professors and other instructors struggle to remain engaged with their students and interested in their Read More »

Spotlight on Diversity in the Modern Campus Workplace

While colleges are divided on the best way to achieve diversity, one message is clear – the student demographic changes sweeping the nation already have a big impact on higher education nationwide, especially as the number of Hispanic and Asian students increases. As a result, colleges are searching for ways to diversify their faculty to Read More »